April 10, 20121 Comment

Welcome to the second installment of the Broken Stories blog series, a series of broken stories behind the songs on my first LP Broken People. Here’s the story on the second track of Broken People, “Lonely Side of Right”.

This is a sympathetic love song—I repeat, a sympathetic love song—to tragically flawed women. Women tend to be right most of the time. Everyone knows that. Being right, though, doesn’t always win points in love. Herein lies the fallacy. I’d much rather be loved than be right. You gotta pick your battles. Far be it from me to even pretend to know [...] Read More

March 21, 20124 Comments

Welcome to the new Broken Stories blog series, a series of broken stories behind the songs on my very first LP Broken People. First up is the opening track on Broken People, “Trying for Some Kind of Love”.

Trying for some kind of love—isn’t that basically the story of human existence? I won’t wander very far into philosophical territory here; but seriously, at least my own life can be boiled down to this phrase. My earliest childhood memories are of a loving family of musical parents and a younger brother. I was raised in what most people would refer to as [...] Read More

July 25, 2011Comment

It’s my fifth summer in Nashville, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Nashville summers. Today is a bit cooler, a merciful ninety-one degrees rather than the “feels like” triple digits of recent weeks. If you’re not careful, it’ll cook the life right out of you.

Now that we’re over the small talk about weather and such, let me update you the next blog series. Broken Stories will be a twelve-part blog series—yes, that’s one for every song on Broken People (I know, I’m pretty clever). In each blog, I’ll take a song from the record, talk about the [...] Read More

June 5, 2011Comment

One of the stops on the recent Midwest tour was Chicago’s Elbo Room, a great venue and a cool hang just north of De Paul in northern Chicago. Perhaps the greatest part of touring outside one’s own city is the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Our Chicago stop was a great example of just that.

We met Nicholas Young, Heather Bond fan and recent Banks Nelson convert. (What can I say, I’m like a cigar-smoking evangelist!) After an intimate acoustic set and a beer or two, Nicholas picked up a copy of Broken People, mentioning something in passing about [...] Read More

May 5, 2011Comment

The 2011 spring tour was a huge success. Great shows, great crowds, and memorable experiences. More stuff to come—photos and videos from the tour, random commentary from yours truly, etcetera.

On a side note, there are still a few more patient project fuelers waiting for their rewards packages. Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about you! Your rewards will be on their way shortly. [...] Read More

April 22, 2011Comment

Heather Bond/Banks Nelson 2011 Spring Tour kicks off on Monday in Murray, Kentucky! The acoustic coffee shop tour will wind its way through the Midwest next week, going as far north as Chicago, Illinois. I’ll open the show with a set from the brand new Broken People LP, and I’ll pick up the cello for Heather Bond’s piano pop set, which will also feature Nashville-based percussion wizard Michael Lehman. If you’re in the Midwest, you’ll definitely wanna catch a show! We’re going to make a video journal of the tour, so keep an eye out for some entertaining episodes.

[...] Read More

April 13, 2011Comment

I’ve been a busy bee lately, getting together the next wave of rewards packages to send to project fuelers. In the process filling out thank-you notes and labeling packages, I found out that one of my most enthusiastic project fuelers had passed away last October (2010). Elaine Marie England, an old high school friend and fellow musician, passed away peacefully and unexpectedly right around the time we started production on Broken People. The album liner notes obviously don’t reflect my knowledge of her untimely passing at age 30, but I want to recognize her publicly now.

I didn’t know Elaine well, [...] Read More

March 20, 2011Comment

Before I blab any more about production, I must say that I’m really excited to finally release Broken People and to start sending out rewards to my patient project fuelers! The release date is now less than a week away—Saturday, March 26 is the day! If you weren’t in on the campaign party, you’ll be able to chase down the new record at CD Baby (physical CDs and digital downloads) or at the digital store of your preference (iTunes and many many others). Some digital retailers are a little slow to list releases, so watch for detailed updates about digital [...] Read More

March 7, 20111 Comment

Continuing along in the production story of Broken People…With basic rhythm tracks (drums, bass, acoustic guitar) done, Higgins and I set up the amps and pedals to record electric guitars. We used five different guitars—all with pretty distinct voices—two amps, a modest pedal collection, and six mics (three on each amp). I could geek out about any link in that chain, but I’m going to start with amps.

So, two amps: a Cielo from Bümbox Custom Audio and a Bad Cat Cub II. The Bümbox is one of my favorite amps. Its design is like a four-input Marshall and offers some [...] Read More

March 2, 2011Comment

In the shuffle of trying to finish the campaign to fund Broken People, I somehow overlooked this interview with Becky, a medical professional and accomplished musician in West Carrollton, OH. She was one of the final project fuelers, putting us just past the tipping point and making the campaign a success. She has some wonderful things to say about music and art and their roles in mending broken things. Here are her thoughts:

1. The new Banks Nelson record is about broken people. What do you think of when you hear the word “broken”? What images come to mind?

To me the [...] Read More