In utero, 1981
Six months before his birth, Banks’ parents are playing an orchestra show with preeminent cellist Rostropovich. Banks starts kicking—his mother calls it dancing—during every cello solo. After the show Rostropovich offers to give the kid lessons.

Born into this, 1982
Banks is now in the world. His father is Dizzy Gillespie’s trumpet player. Backstage, Dizzy bounces Banks on his knee and sings him lullabies.

Brand new key, 1985
Four-year-old Banks starts playing piano.

The string incident, 1990
Mom brings home a cello, Banks starts learning it. He’s nine.

First real six-string, 1995
Banks asks for a bass for his birthday. Dad buys him a guitar.

Red guitar, 1997
Banks writes his first song.

Played it till my fingers bled, Summer of ’99
Banks is a full-time musician playing guitar and cello with numerous hometown groups.

Spirit in the sky, 2001
Banks is the bandleader of Harvest Rhythm Section, playing spirituals all day. Nights are spent blaring Tom Petty.

After all it was a great big world, 2006
Banks leaves home for college at Middle Tennessee State, located in what he calls the shadow of Music City.

Guitar Town, 2009
Banks is in Nashville playing shows. A man made of music.

Into the great wide open, 2011
Debut LP, Broken People, is released.