Broken Stories #2: Lonely Side of Right

April 10, 20121 Comment

Welcome to the second installment of the Broken Stories blog series, a series of broken stories behind the songs on my first LP Broken People. Here’s the story on the second track of Broken People, “Lonely Side of Right”.

This is a sympathetic love song—I repeat, a sympathetic love song—to tragically flawed women. Women tend to be right most of the time. Everyone knows that. Being right, though, doesn’t always win points in love. Herein lies the fallacy. I’d much rather be loved than be right. You gotta pick your battles. Far be it from me to even pretend to know much about that mysterious distance between a man and a woman, but being right all the time has its lonely side. I wrote a song about it. Wanna hear it? Here it go.

The song picks up in the middle of a woman’s drive to her significant other’s home. She’s ready to pick a fight, and she already knows who will win. I mean, what could he possibly say to defend himself? Her character analyzes to death, picking apart every action and motivation in an attempt to solve the great problem. While she sees him as broken, she does not realize that she is also broken. Though her complaints in the relationship are justified, and though she wins the argument, she still goes home lonely. Love is a messy, messy thing, and the lines can get pretty blurry.

In the studio version of the song, there’s a single lonely slide guitar crying its way through the melody during the instrumental break. Here’s a video of the song—stripped down solo acoustic—recorded live in my living room.


Burnin’ up the road to his apartment
Goin’ over what you’re gonna say
Feelin’ pretty sure you got the answers
Feelin’ sure you’ll win the fight today

You keep trying to solve him like a problem
You’ve always got an answer to explain
It doesn’t seem to get you any further
Doesn’t seem to save you from the pain

Of being lonely, and letdown, and heartsick

Love won’t boil down to black and white
Love won’t recognize who wins the fight
If all the perfect answers haven’t won you love tonight
Baby, that’s the lonely side of right

Step up to the door and touch the ringer
He’s not even ready for a fight
Still you instigate an altercation
He can’t love a girl who’s always right

Stay tuned for Broken Stories #3: Dark Cigar.

“Lonely Side of Right” appears on the debut LP Broken People (click here for where to buy). Lyrics written by Banks Nelson, copyright 2011 Broken People Music. All rights reserved.

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  1. Gina

    I love the fact that you have such passion in your music it truly shows in your lyrics and performance I would die to do what you do but this is your dream and I am just glad to know one of my friends made it ya know. Well I wish you all the luck in the world for you and your tour if you ever make it back to ohio please let me know would like to go to one of your shows. Keep up the good work man your in my prayers always.

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