Broken Stories #1: Trying for Some Kind of Love

March 21, 20124 Comments

Welcome to the new Broken Stories blog series, a series of broken stories behind the songs on my very first LP Broken People. First up is the opening track on Broken People, “Trying for Some Kind of Love”.

Trying for some kind of love—isn’t that basically the story of human existence? I won’t wander very far into philosophical territory here; but seriously, at least my own life can be boiled down to this phrase. My earliest childhood memories are of a loving family of musical parents and a younger brother. I was raised in what most people would refer to as a Christian home, attending Protestant church services on Sunday mornings preceded by football games and marching band competitions on Fridays and Saturdays (my parents were music teachers, remember). Things were good. Somewhere along the way, childhood innocence was worn down, and the rest of my life has been a pursuit of the simple love I experienced as a boy.

The chorus of the song (and the song’s main idea) is about recognizing that, somehow, I drifted far away from the home I came from—a sort of prodigal’s son realization, if you’ll forgive the biblical reference. The heart of the song is in the trying, in the recognizing, even if I don’t know how to recover the lost time. The verses of the song tell more of the story of coming to that realization of distance and trying to make my way back home. The instrumental section of the song modulates directly and unexpectedly to a distant key (from D to B), which is purposefully disorienting; it eventually finds its way back to the original key of D, further pushing the idea of coming to this realization of being lost.


I ran all night to you
I’m broken at the knees
I’ve forgotten all that’s true
All that heaven sees
Somewhere along
The storybook was tainted
It read me to a place I don’t belong

Now I’m living with defeat
Still alive but incomplete
Trying for some kind of love
I have no reward to show
I’ve lost everything I know
Trying for some kind of love
Trying for some kind of love

Laden here with you
Before the great divide
Of pain I can’t undo
To reach the distant side
Somewhere along
The storybook was tainted
A fairytale episode gone wrong

Stay tuned for Broken Stories #2: Lonely Side of Right.

“Trying for Some Kind of Love” appears on the debut LP Broken People (click here for where to buy). Lyrics written by Banks Nelson, copyright 2011 Broken People Music. All rights reserved.

4 Responses to “Broken Stories #1: Trying for Some Kind of Love”

  1. Pam Avery

    Great story, Matt! Thank you for sharing your heartsong!

  2. Carolyn Matthews

    Thank you for sharing this Matt – great lyrics and music.

  3. Mike Bushey


    I thought this song sounded vaguely familiar, so I pulled up your NEW LOVE OVER demo CD (Yes I still have it) and sure enough there it was. Reworked of course, but still sounds great. Thanks for sharing your music with us. Never know when I might pop in to one of your shows…..


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