Broken Stories: New Blog Series

July 25, 2011Comment

It’s my fifth summer in Nashville, and I don’t think I’ll ever get used to Nashville summers. Today is a bit cooler, a merciful ninety-one degrees rather than the “feels like” triple digits of recent weeks. If you’re not careful, it’ll cook the life right out of you.

Now that we’re over the small talk about weather and such, let me update you the next blog series. Broken Stories will be a twelve-part blog series—yes, that’s one for every song on Broken People (I know, I’m pretty clever). In each blog, I’ll take a song from the record, talk about the story behind it, and if there’s enough nerdy enthusiasm, possibly talk a bit about the nuts and bolts of the song (form, musical structure, and the like).

If you want to hear about nerd stuff like songwriting technique, musical structure, and production, leave a comment below to let me know you’re interested! Anonymous nerdity is acceptable, of course.

Next blog: Broken Stories: Trying for Some Kind of Love.

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