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June 5, 2011Comment

One of the stops on the recent Midwest tour was Chicago’s Elbo Room, a great venue and a cool hang just north of De Paul in northern Chicago. Perhaps the greatest part of touring outside one’s own city is the opportunity to meet new and interesting people. Our Chicago stop was a great example of just that.

We met Nicholas Young, Heather Bond fan and recent Banks Nelson convert. (What can I say, I’m like a cigar-smoking evangelist!) After an intimate acoustic set and a beer or two, Nicholas picked up a copy of Broken People, mentioning something in passing about a new internet radio venture he was about to explore.

I’m pleased to say that we just recorded an interview, complete with strategically-placed tunes from Broken People and intermingled with a lot of interesting conversation—a bit of my backstory as well as music talk, spiritual talk, and hack pop culture commentary. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you might pick up a cigar.

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