But This One Goes to 11

March 7, 20111 Comment

Continuing along in the production story of Broken People…With basic rhythm tracks (drums, bass, acoustic guitar) done, Higgins and I set up the amps and pedals to record electric guitars. We used five different guitars—all with pretty distinct voices—two amps, a modest pedal collection, and six mics (three on each amp). I could geek out about any link in that chain, but I’m going to start with amps.

So, two amps: a Cielo from Bümbox Custom Audio and a Bad Cat Cub II. The Bümbox is one of my favorite amps. Its design is like a four-input Marshall and offers some very unique tonal options. I can usually find just about any sound I’m looking for—bright, dark, gritty, open—it’s quite a versatile amp. Because it was already in the studio and just to have another flavor at our disposal, the Bad Cat Cub II was also on standby. At only fifteen watts, the Bad Cat could just about blow you out of the room. Compared to the Bümbox, the Bad Cat has more of a glassy vibe. The two amps complimented each other well on tape.

The handful of guitars included a Godin Radiator (which actually became the go-to for a lot of the rhythm tracks), a Les Paul, a Fender Strat, a Danelectro U2, and a strange Asian-made hollowbody (with fantastic sounding hand-signed pickups) labeled “Raven”.

I’ll talk a bit about keyboards and vocals in the next post.

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  1. I gotta say, I’m getting very excited reading these blogs. I’m writing this at a time when the record has come out, I’ve listened to it extensively, and can picture these instruments on the songs.

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