Broken People Blog #7: Becky

March 2, 2011Comment

In the shuffle of trying to finish the campaign to fund Broken People, I somehow overlooked this interview with Becky, a medical professional and accomplished musician in West Carrollton, OH. She was one of the final project fuelers, putting us just past the tipping point and making the campaign a success. She has some wonderful things to say about music and art and their roles in mending broken things. Here are her thoughts:

1. The new Banks Nelson record is about broken people. What do you think of when you hear the word “broken”? What images come to mind?

To me the word broken simply means that something isn’t whole. Not simply, to be not whole can mean a wide range of things to individuals. As humans, I think to some degree we’re all not whole in some way.

2. How do music and art help to mend the broken things around you?

For me, music has been huge part of my life ever since I was a little girl. All of my emotions are expressed by music—I’m happy or excited, you’ll find me singing. I’m sad, I have music that helps me get those feelings out, whether I need to scream or cry. Music and art in themselves fuel, which for me is the glue that fixes what’s broken.

3. What would you say to people who are on the fence about supporting a crowdfunding project such as Broken People?

Think of it this way, even a penny is a penny more towards a goal. And it feels good to be a part of project like this. And if you can’t spare a penny (I know some who can’t) then just help by spreading the word!

Inspiring thoughts, Becky, and so nicely articulated! I look forward to sending your rewards out in just a few short weeks!Incase you missed the project campaign last summer, you can still take a peek at the RocketHub project page here. I promise to pick the production story back up in the next post.

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