Off to Press!

February 14, 2011Comment

My dear friends, if you haven’t caught the updates via Twitter, Broken People officially went to press on Friday. I wiped a little tear as I waved goodbye. What left me as a small package of CDs will return in many boxes (with much prettier packaging, too). I can’t wait to start mailing rewards out to all of the patient and loyal project fuelers who made this whole thing possible!

So, let’s carry on with the production story, shall we? After drums and bass, we commenced on recording guitars. During tracking, there’s usually an auditioning process of microphones and preamps; we shot out a bunch of different combinations in search of a great acoustic guitar sound (in record-making, “great” is usually a moving target). Funny enough, we decided on the very same microphone I used to record my acoustic demos. It beat out several other mic options, including a well known European mic that costs way over ten times as much.

Recording electric guitars can be an even bigger bear than acoustic guitars, and the “great” sound can seem even more elusive. With a handful of different instruments, two amps, and a menagerie of mics, we set out on our path to go to eleven!

More to come!

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