New Record is Done

February 10, 2011Comment

When we started the RocketHub campaign to fuel the new record, Broken People, it was hard to believe we’d ever make it.  It was, after all, a pretty lofty goal to raise $5,000 for an artist who hadn’t played a solo live show in over a year.  We did it, though.  In fact, we even surpassed our goal.  It could not have happened without the generous support of the project fuelers.  It’s nearly time to send out the well-deserved rewards!

The RocketHub campaign finished in the first few days of September, and we officially started production on Broken People in the last half of October.  Nearly all the tracking happened at Red Records, a new studio just south of Franklin, Tennessee—so new, in fact, that they hadn’t even named the studio at the time of our sessions!  The basic tracking sessions saw Trish Nelson on drums and Chris Herin on bass, with Rob Higgins as tracking engineer.

Stay tuned for the rest of the story!

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