Broken People Blog #5: Sally

September 2, 2010Comment

By my clock, there are only 5 HOURS (that’s right, HOURS and not days) left to fuel Banks Nelson:  Going for Broke for Broken People!  It’s been a fantastic ride, and I’m so grateful to all the project fuelers so far!  There’s still time to put some RocketFuel in the tank, so hurry if you want to be a part of launching this record…  It’s all or nothing!  Going for broke!Here are some thoughts from Sally (Mountain Home, ID), a gifted singer, a wonderful person, and our newest project fueler.

1. The new Banks Nelson record is about broken people. What do you think of when you hear the word “broken”? What images come to mind?

The word broken means to me shattered, all illusions of what one has dreamed and hoped for dashed to pieces, guilt crushing you for poor decisions made, struggling to find the way to forgive oneself for poor choices or pick yourself up after a tragedy, searching for hope, clinging to faith because that is all you have left…

2. How do music and art help to mend the broken things around you?

Music and art convey emotions that are hard to voice, speak through words and melodies and harmonies that heal… soothe the very depths of your soul, help convey your voice to the Lord when you are at your saddest, your quietest…

3. What would you say to people who are on the fence about supporting a crowdfunding project such as Broken People?

I believe in helping people who have a heart dedicated to the Lord and for helping those in need… this is a unique way of supporting music and message… so here is what I would say, “If you have ever felt lost, wondered if you were going in the right direction, ever felt completely alone… then [Banks] has the message for you in his music… allow him to show you the peace and comfort that can come through music, through art, and through, most importantly, God.”

Very thoughtful, Sally!  Can’t wait to send your rewards package to you when the record is finished!

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