Broken People Blog #3: Nicole

August 25, 2010Comment

The countdown continues, folks…  8 days left and counting!  Remember, if we don’t hit our target fuel level, everybody gets their money back and none of us gets anything!  And that’s no good, because we’ve spent too much time and energy to let this project go unmade.For the third interview in our series, we interviewed Nicole (Murfreesboro, TN), a recent fueler of Banks Nelson:  Going for Broke for Broken People.  A talented photographer and artist, Nicole had some good things to say about the intersection of broken people and art:

1. The new Banks Nelson record is about broken people. What do you think of when you hear the word “broken”? What images come to mind?

Broken is a state of mind and heart. Everyone can describe broken in their own ways. To me, to be broken is to be at your lowest point where both your heart and mind have left you with unanswered questions. When I hear the word broken mostly I see someone that is emotionally drained.

2. How do music and art help to mend the broken things around you?

Music and art are the expressions of others. They are the quickest way to mend something that is broken. For the most part people that are broken relate to music that they feel a connection to. So if you are “broken” by a broken relationship, you listen to music about a broken relationship, etc. The great thing about music and brokenness is there is always a song out there that you can relate to. That song is what can get you moving throughout the day and start to heal you–it’s the feeling that you are not alone.

3. What would you say to people who are on the fence about supporting a crowdfunding project such as Broken People?

The great thing about being broken is the feeling of wanting to help others. Once you have experienced brokenness, you don’t want anyone else to go through the brokenness that you have. So to anyone that has been broken, funding a project–like Broken People is the simplest and most productive way to start healing your own brokenness and others as well.

Great, great thoughts here, Nicole!  Thanks for fueling the project!

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