Broken People Blog #1: Lindy

August 14, 2010Comment

Welcome to the first of many Broken People blogs, where I interview fuelers of my crowdfunding project, Banks Nelson:  Going for Broke for Broken People.  Lindy (Pensacola, FL) provided us with some great thoughts about broken people, music, and creative projects.

1.  The new Banks Nelson record is about broken people.  What do you think of when you hear the word “broken”?  What images come to mind?

I think of hurting people when I hear the word “broken”. I think of people feeling the consequences of poor decisions either by themselves or others or people feeling alone after severed relationships.

2.  How do music and art help to mend the broken things around you?

Music can be a way to remember that others have felt the way I feel and it can bring a message of hope when things look hopeless. Art often expresses the beauty in life. They are both avenues for walking us out of the darkness of our pain and into the light and beauty of what is and still can be.

3.  What would you say to people who are on the fence about supporting a crowdfunding project such as Broken People?

Just make the leap. Seize the opportunity. It just takes a one time payment to a project that can have lasting effects on a lot of people. There is really no risk involved in a project like Broken People. The songs are already completed.

Thanks for the great thoughts, Lindy!

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