46 Days Left!

July 18, 2010Comment

We’re nearing the halfway point of our campaign, Banks Nelson:  Going for Broke for Broken People.  The first half of the campaign has flown by, and we’ve taken some really big steps so far.  Thanks to all of the generous people who have put fuel in the tank!  We still have quite a ways to go, though, and the project can’t happen without your help!  For this leg of the campaign, anyone who fuels the project at any level (that’s right, even the $5 level) will get, in addition to the already promised rewards, either a personal morning wake-up call from me (in any time zone) or a goodnight song to put you to sleep!  If you still haven’t jumped onboard, now is the perfect time to fuel the project.  Watch the project video here.

On another note, I just played a solo gig at The Darkroom, a new venue owned by Nashville’s Brite Revolution.  Some really great folks came out to the gig!  I opened up the bill with a few songs from the upcoming Broken People project, and the show closed with sets from Nashville’s Justin Branam and piano pop starlet Heather Bond (with whom I played cello).  I had a chance to meet and chat with some very cool folks, too–had some great movie conversations with Alyssa, Andrea and Adelaide, who came to see Justin Branam.

More to come.  Much more.  Stay tuned!

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