30% Fueled!

June 28, 2010Comment

As of today, Banks Nelson:  Going for Broke for Broken People is 30% fueled!  I’m incredibly grateful to all the generous people who have fueled the project so far.  We’ve received RocketFuel from people as far away as Cardiff, Wales (yes, that’s in the UK)!  I’m humbled at the generosity of these people.  If you can be counted among the fuelers, I am humbled by your generosity as well.

Unfortunately, the campaign will come to an end in just sixty-six days…  That sounds like a long time, but the time will most certainly fly by as summer always does.  The project can’t fly without your help.  I know you’re made of good stuff, though, probably better than I could hope or imagine.  I know we can make this happen!

If you’re just tuning in, I’m talking about the campaign (hosted by RocketHub) to fund my upcoming full length recording project.  When you fuel the project, you get cool rewards back – CDs and other merchandise (much of it will be personalized and exclusive to project fuelers) as well as invitations to private events and other fun experiences.  Go take a peek here.

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