Nearly 25% Fueled!

June 26, 2010Comment

Good afternoon, sports fans.  I’m writing today from Pensacola, Florida, where I’ve been for the weekend.  Still haven’t made it out to the beaches to see the oil for myself.  Might be too heartbreaking, though it would be a good thing to have some photos of it.

So, the new project, Banks Nelson:  Going for Broke for Broken People, is nearly 25% fueled now!  It looks like there’s a lot of time left to fuel, but it’s going to fly by like summer.  Congrats to so many who have fueled – you’re going to get a lot of cool rewards if the project flies.  Just to keep it real, you must know that this project won’t happen without your help.  We can do it!

Take a peek at the project page here, and if you get inspired, fuel the project!  Also, there’s a new video up now (incase it’s been awhile since you last visited).  Oh yeah, and RocketHub so graciously blogged about me (how often do you get to say that?)…  You can read the blog here.

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