11% Fueled!

June 16, 2010Comment

Great news on the campaign front:  as of this morning, we’re 11% funded!  Now it’s a race to the 25% mile marker!  I have every bit of faith in my fans, friends, and family who have so graciously fueled the project (as well as faith in those who have yet to fuel)…  We can do it!  Remember, the new Banks Nelson record will only be possible with your help.  Surf on over to the project page and become a fueler!

In related news, the Situation Room is now live at BanksNelson.com.  You can listen to the song demos (for the new record), read the blog (which you’re obviously doing already), and surf over the official RocketHub project page.  In the very near future, I’ll be adding more fun stuff to the project page…  new videos, limited time offers for new fuelers, and more campaign stories.  Stay tuned!

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