Countdown to Liftoff

June 4, 2010Comment

I’ve been waiting a long time to say this, but it’s finally close to launch time for my crowd funding campaign at  Scheduled launch date (if all goes according to plan) is tomorrow.  I’m simultaneously excited and scared to death.  Thanks to Brian Meece and all the other great folks at RocketHub, I finally have a vehicle to fund my record.  Sure beats coming up with clever presentations for potential investors.  The scary part is this:  when I launch this campaign, it’ll be out of my hands for sixty days.  Talk about putting yourself out there.

I’m in my second year of freelancing as a cellist and guitarist, and my original music has taken a backseat to paying gigs (and rightfully so).  I intended to start and complete this record by the end of last year, which obviously didn’t happen.  It’s about high time to get this thing started.  So, on with the project.  It’ll be a full-length album of ten or eleven songs – some revamped older songs along with some more recent songs.  Track listing to come.  A recurring theme of the project is comfort.  Sometimes it takes the perspective of comforting other people who have been beat up by others or by themselves.  Other times it takes the perspective of comforting oneself.  The world can certainly be unkind, and I want to speak to those people who need to hear that things are going to be okay.  Or maybe they need to hear that things will eventually be okay.

It’s going to be an exciting couple of months with twists and turns that none of us at the time of this writing see coming.  Buckle your safety belts.  It’s time to make a record.

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