3… 2… 1… Liftoff!

June 4, 2010Comment

Today’s the day!  As I type, I’m patiently waiting to be verified by RocketHub before officially launching the campaign to fuel my new record.  I’m anxious, but it’s generally the good kind of anxious – anxious to get this project off the ground and into your grubby little hands (and mine).  Look for the campaign to officially launch later today!

In the meantime, BanksNelson.com is a little outdated and unkempt at the moment.  It will get a shave and a haircut this weekend, and it will be streamlined and ready to face the world early next week.  I’m planning to add a new page, a situation room of sorts, to keep up with the RocketHub campaign.  Here’s to going for broke!

Incase you’re wondering what RocketHub is, you can learn more at http://www.rockethub.com.

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